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時光林藝術2019前進羅浮宮Time Lin advances to the Louvre in 2019

2018年10月16日,時光林在他生日的隔天,收到Art Shopping入選通知的賀禮,內容如下:

「你好,我們很高興地通知您,您的申請已被選入2019藝術購物博覽會;並發送年度預訂文件。2019年5月24日至26日 – 羅浮宮的巴黎卡魯塞爾廳展出。」

「每年的Art Shopping藝術購物博覽會,在巴黎的羅浮宮卡魯塞爾廳,匯集了800多位藝術家和畫廊。今年10月舉辦的是第23屆,來此展覽的有繪畫,攝影,雕塑,數字藝術和街頭藝術都是來自世界各地的參展藝術家。親近,不拘束,活潑,大膽的展覽特色,是必看藝術家和當代藝術畫廊的國際盛會,多年來他們更加信心十足。10年了,Art Shopping藝術購物博覽會,已受到眾多藝術愛好者和收藏家的青睞。

Art Shopping藝術購物博覽會是:

1.促進大眾購買當代藝術-Art Shopping因為提供價格合理的授權和原創藝術而脫穎而出,在展覽中,民眾直接觸藝術家和畫廊。在卡魯塞爾廳的走道,藝術愛好者和收藏家都可以與藝術家現場輕鬆相遇。

2.在快速心跳中成交,在Art Shopping的展間,每年歡迎越來越多的業餘愛好者,純粹的好奇或年輕收藏家們,來到當前藝術市場的脈搏,發現一個新的藝術家或完成他們的收藏。

3.被當代藝術藝術領域認可的地位- Art Shopping藝術購物博覽會超過10年伴隨許多當代創作的藝術家和畫廊,向大眾展示他們的作品。」*

On October 16, 2018, Shiguanglin received a gift from Art Shopping's selection notice on the day after his birthday. The content is as follows:
"Hello, we are pleased to inform you that your application has been selected for the 2019 Art Shopping Fair; and the annual reservation document will be sent. May 24th to 26th, 2019-Exhibition in the Paris Carrousel Hall of the Louvre ."
   "The Art Shopping fair annually gathers more than 800 artists and galleries in the Carrousel Hall of the Louvre Museum in Paris. This October is the 23rd edition. The exhibitions include paintings, photography, and sculptures. Both digital art and street art are exhibiting artists from all over the world. The close, informal, lively, and bold exhibition features are a must-see artist and an international event for contemporary art galleries. They have become more confident over the years. For 10 years, Art Shopping Art Shopping Fair has been favored by many art lovers and collectors.

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時光林Time Lin

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