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20210302運命時光 Destiny Time





This world is full of various dual forces, such as yang and yin, good and evil, lightness and darkness, beauty and ugliness, destiny and fate, buddha and demon, etc. Although they are relative, I think they are complementary and integral.

This installation using ready-made objects is a question about whether congenital fate can be changed. It uses potted plants to transform ordinary bonsai into art, and displays books about life in the shop, such as the Dharma of the Great Sage of Nichiren. Through acquired practice, we can eliminate people's negative fate, create a positive and optimistic attitude, and then achieve a change in destiny.


20210218枯木時光 Deadwood Time




This installation is my third piece of work, using ready-made objects to combine and complete, mainly discussing the relationship between innate destiny and acquired destiny. Although most people believe that fate governs a person's life and cannot be changed, it is like the cultivation of potted plants that can transform an ordinary sapling into art. If people just leave it to destiny to make arrangements, and life is not just implemented according to the heavenly version, then what is the fun? With the inspiration of external forces, it is possible to touch the inner change and achieve the transformation of fate. It is possible to use potted plants to transform art.


20200911舞台時光 The Stage

2020 / 錄像裝置 Video Installation / 260 x 125 x 240 cm(長x寬x高)/ 2'08'


In modern times, the stage is a space for performance and competition. It often wanders between reality and nothingness. When people are indulging in the moment of performance or chasing honor and fame, the stage is a real. However when the song ends, the lights go out. It becomes a silent field. The stage is an indispensable moment in life, and it is also a time of drama that makes people love and hate.