巫山雲雨時光 Wu Shan Yun Yu-Bed and Beyond

巫山雲雨,原指中國的層巒疊嶂、雲騰雨落景觀。另有典故是說楚懷王到巫山一遊,因疲倦而入睡,夢見一位仙女對其言:「我本巫山之女,聞道大王在此遊覽,我願與王同床共枕。」懷王臨幸了她。女子臨別說:「妾在巫山之陽,高丘之阻,旦為朝雲,暮為行雨,朝朝暮暮,陽台之下。」後人延伸為兩性纏綿之意。性愛本是人類繁衍生命儀式,也是兩性享受歡娛時光。再則,人有三分之一時間在床度過,可說是人類造化生命的溫床。此次以床為展演空間,以3D動畫+裝置方式,透過豐富幻化的聲光,期能創造東方古典而隱晦的性愛美學。性愛是一場滿足感官與性靈昇華的探索過程,我將男女化身為比翼鳥,遨遊於雲霧裊繞、天地山川之間,進而變成酣暢淋漓、水乳交融的魚水之歡,最後兩者融合為一,齊登忘我境界,展現出完美的性愛,實際也進行了一場時光藝術。論及「皺摺」此一形式,不僅是情慾揪結與釋放,也是美好時光的記憶曲線。有如油畫的不同顏料推擠,造成混色與堆疊肌理,隨創作者有意的、或無意的揮灑,因不同速度、向量的推拉,造成材質的牽引,形成有趣的皺摺。故皺摺具有塑型,並有存放記憶、指涉時間的內涵。若深層探討,法國哲學家-德勒茲(Gilles Louis René Deleuze)說:「皺褶具有能量的思想叢」。皺摺來自不同能量的遇合與激盪,如魚水之歡般,太極的一陽一陰兩隻魚,蘊含宇宙生成的道理。他將巫山雲雨的傳說,化為影音的時光饗宴,創造兩分零八秒的震撼,欲使觀眾耳目引起騷動,享受天人交融的雲雨時光。

Wu Shan Yun Yu refers to the scenic mountain peaks situated on the Yangtze River in China. This has been interpreted generations later as one of the most intimate encounters between man and woman.

TimeLin combined with 3D animation, to recreate the beauty and mystery of this ancient encounter of physical passion and spiritual bonding.

The story starts with two lovebirds flying between clouds and mountains. A thunderstorm appears, and a waterfall rushing down to become a gurgling river stream. The two koi fishes chasing each other. TimeLin capture the ultimate harmony of Yin and Yan for loving couples, which implies the origin of the Universe as found in Chinese Classics such as the Yi Jing. The lovers will find themselves in the throes of passion, climaxing when a blooming flower is imaged. A wrinkled bed sheet is to express the aftermath of their exhausted pleasure.

​鯉躍龍門時光 Li Yue Long Men - Never give up

​鯉躍龍門是中國的民間傳說,古人發現黃河每年到春季的時候,鯉魚會逆水 迴游,在龍門附近跳躍,但在瀑布以上,由於水流湍急,沒有任何魚類可以登上,所以人們想像這些鯉魚跳過以後就會化成龍升天而去,用來比喻考試中舉、升官等,現代則比喻為逆流而行,奮發上進。


In Chinese legend, the carp spends its life trying to swim up the Yellow River and jump over Dragon ‘s Gate every year. At the source of the river is a great roaring waterfall, few carp are capable or brave enough for the final leap over the waterfall. If a carp successfully makes the jump,  it would be rewarded and transformed into a powerful dragon. Thus, the image of a carp jumping over Dragon’s Gate is a Chinese cultural symbol for courage, perseverance, and accomplishment. Now, the expression is used to communicate that if a person works hard and diligently, success will one day be achieved."

 Life comes with many challenges and competitions. We need to put our best efforts to make a success. The creative process of this work is full of obstacles. At the beginning, creativity is not supported. The government’s subsidy fails, the fundraising of the printed album is insufficient, the production encounters many problems, and the process of finding partners are not going well. However I don’t give up and overcome difficulties, it was finally completed as scheduled and participated in the exhibition.