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時光林榮獲美國繆斯室內設計金牌獎 Time Lin won the Interior design of Golden Prize for 2021 Muse Design Awards







■室內-美國Muse Design Awards金牌獎、義大利A’design Awards決賽

■廣告-時報廣告、世界華文廣告、4A、倫敦國際廣告、J&J BELLRINGER AWARDS等30幾座國內外大獎 Time Lin's award records in various fields: ■Oil Painting-the first, third and fourth place in the American Art Awards ■ Installation-Third Place in Florence Biennale, Italy ■Video-Fifth Place in Florence Biennale, Italy ■Ceramics-China Zijin Award primary selection finalist ■Dance-Taiwan Songyan's new main art book review shortlisted ■Interior-American Muse Design Awards Gold Medal Award, Italy A’design Awards Final ■Advertising-More than 30 domestic and international awards including Times Advertising, World Chinese Advertising, 4A, London International Advertising, J&J BELLRINGER AWARDS, etc.


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時光林Time Lin

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