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時光林入選世界100位未來藝術家Time Lin was selected as one of the world's 100 future artists

8月20日,時光林初次收到CONTEMPORARY ART CURATOR(當代藝術策展人*)一封電子郵件,內容如下:




On August 20, Time lin received an email from CONTEMPORARY ART CURATOR for the first time, with the content as follows:
     Dear Shiguanglin: After considering your work, the editorial team is very honored to invite you to apply for your work to be included in the "100 Future Artists" art monograph. This book is a new and ambitious new project designed by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, with the aim of finding the most exciting artists in the future. Contemporary Art Curator Magazine established its name by curating the best contemporary art from all over the world. Its unique content is constantly updated daily through articles and works, displayed on the website and spread through social media to more than 320,000 well-connected and highly engaged fans, including collectors, gallery owners, distributors, magazine editors, Bloggers, curators and general art lovers from all over the world.
      On August 29, Shiguanglin received a reply email: We are pleased to inform you that your application for the "100 Future Artists" art monograph has been accepted. Time Lin treats this gloriously, thousands of miles away, with a calm heart, and only hopes that he can continue to work hard to win more world-class recognition.

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時光林Time Lin

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