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收藏「時光林」畫作10大理由 Ten Reasons for Collecting TimeLin’s Works

1.「時光林」繪畫天份,曾受到藝術大師極高肯定 His talent was highly praised by well known art master.

2.「時光林」努力創作,將持續舉辦個展,發表新作品 His indefatigable efforts will make him continuously produce and publish new works.

3.「時光林」畫作,深入淺出,一般社會大眾都能欣賞 His paintings interpret artistic conception in a simple way and can be appreciated by the general public.

4.「時光林」畫作,讓我們視覺變美、品味變好、心變富裕 His paintings adorn our visual sense, better our self with artistic taste and enrich our mind.

5.「時光林」有明確的時間主題 His paintings are covered with time motif.

6.「時光林」每幅畫作,獨一無二、絕無僅有 His artistry is unique and each of his painting is the one and the only.

7.「時光林」畫作,超越時間、地域、文化,具有世界觀 His works can cross time, region and culture with universal view.

8.「時光林」創作多元,若您專注單一藝術家收藏,不僅深入且豐富 His creation is full of variety, profound and abundant, and is suitable for single artist collector.

9.「時光林」目前畫作,參考藝壇基本售價,獻給支持他的收藏家 His current works adopt the basic pricing in the art circles for his appreciators to own without financial strain.

10.「時光林」畫作,隨時間過去而水漲船高,每年將不斷增值 His paintings will appreciate every year as “time” goes by.

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