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「40年來第一個天才!」 A Genius Ever Seen in Forty Years!

時光林從小就展露繪畫天份,唸小學和國中時每年均獲得新竹市美術比賽第一名;他沒有念過美術班,第一次參加全省美展即獲得優選。讀高中時,他畫了一幅16開的水彩畫,被前輩畫家、水彩畫大師蕭如松先生讚為「40年來第一位天才!」高中畢業後,隨興報考當時的國立藝專,沒參加過術科專門訓練,考試當天當場學畫素描,最後竟獲錄取。受到當時「畫圖沒前途」的觀念,他選擇放棄而入伍,退伍後從事美工,後來到廣告公司上班,毫無美工背景的他,憑藉著天分加上努力,從設計做到美術指導、製片到創意總監,陸續榮獲了台北捷運廣告獎、時報廣告獎、世界華文廣告獎 、4A廣告獎、金鐘獎、J&J BELLRINGER AWARDS全球平面大獎、ACTMEDIA AWARDS、倫敦國際廣告獎、紐約廣告獎The Global Awards等三十餘個廣告大獎。後來離開廣告圈,成立工作室,並擔任藝文中心顧問,2003年以來為台灣近百位的前輩畫家策展與佈展,為的是建構台灣的美術史。2010年中重拾畫筆,開始畫油畫,無師自通,2012年初即舉辦個展,真是天才!未來,時光林將以30年的創意養分,在藝術的新領域盡情揮灑。

TimeLin displayed his talents since his childhood. When he studied in elementary school and junior high school, he won the first prize in every academic year’s art contest. Despite studying in the regular classess, his painting was selected in the Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition when he first submitted. Seeing his painting sized 16K made in senior high school, artist maestro Mr. Ru Song, Xiao praised him as “a genius ever seen in forty years.” He was admitted in the entrance examination of National Taiwan Academy of Art he spontaneously prepared for, though he barely knew sketch technique which was required in the exam. At that time, Taiwan society still deemed a painters’ career as unpromising, so he chose to turn down the opportunity and enlisted himself in military service. After he left army, he started his career as an art designer. Then he worked for advertising agencies for more than thirty years. Despite his lack of training in art school, he was promoted with his artistic talents and persistent efforts, from designer, art director, producer to creative director throughout his career. During this period, he was awarded for more than thirty international important prizes in advertising, such as Taipei MRT Advertising Awards, Times Awards, Times International Chinese Advertising Awards, 4A’s Awards for Creative Excellence, Golden Bell Awards, J&J Bellringer Awards, ACTMEDIA Awards, London International Advertising Awards and New York Festivals. Later he established his own art studio as an advisor, he has planned a series of exhibitions for more than 100 senior Taiwan artists. In 2010, he picked up his paintbrush again and became a self-taught canvas artist. As a “genius-ever-seen” complemented by Mr. Ru Song, Xiao, he has his own canvas exhibition in 2012. In the future, TimeLin will delight himself in the artistic field with his creative sensitivity.

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