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「時光林」是創造新、美、好的時光藝術家 TimeLin is an artist whose works create novelty, beauty and goodness.




TimeLin realizes that the passing of time has many delicate dimensions and tracks rather than just imprints. Time is everywhere from sunrise till sunset though it is not touchable, so that there are unlimited possibilities to grasp and to create. Regarding the motif of “Hand” Collections of Wonderful Times, since each moment collection can be in hour hand, minute hand or second hand of clock, time can be paused, forwarded, displaced within different time and space crisscrossed. “Wonderful times” therefore can be created and eternally sealed.

Generally, realist painters sketch the actual life events. They choose appropriate materials to accurately present objects. Abstract expressionists emphasize with emotion expression. However it is not easy to realize. Expressionist pursues sense stimulation. Their intent is to draw your attention in spite of ethics, modesty or taboo. Illustrators leverage pictures to guide your imagination though its artistry, but its artistic value is yet to be proved.

However, TimeLin is different. His power, which is based upon his experiences in life and artistic taste, lies in visual creativity and inner sensitivity. He focuses in the motif of time and creates pleasant time moments by continuously introducing new styles. His works are instinct filled with humane care, heartily sharing and convey ambience of warmth and happiness. His artistry encourages everyone to seize the moment and construct their own future dreams.

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時光林Time Lin

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