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時光林榮獲法國SPOTLIGHT報導Time Lin was selected the French SPOTLIGHT report

恭喜時光林老師20201117油畫,入選法國圓圈藝術基金會所出版的Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine第22期2021年3月號報導,譯文如下:


Congratulations to Time Lin, 20201117 oil painting, selected as the 22nd March 2021 report of Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine published by the French Circle Art Foundation. The translation is as follows:

The world is full of various dual forces, such as yang and yin, good and evil, lightness and darkness, beauty and ugliness, destiny and fate, buddha and demon, etc. Although they are relative, I think that duality is complementary and has two sides. Life is a sea of ​​bitterness, black and white, and the only way to overcome troubles in life is color. I use a scraper to flatten the shape and color of the binary elements into a flat surface to show the vitality and create the light of life.


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時光林Time Lin

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